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OBS for Streaming & record

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! L’administration concomitante de doxazosine 4 mg et 8 mg par jour et de tadalafil 5 mg en dose quotidienne et 20 mg en dose unique augmente de manière significative l’effet hypotenseur de cet alpha-bloquant. Cet effet peut se prolonger pendant […]

Smart School System

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Online Assessment in Education

Top Advantages of Online Assessment in Education Why Assessments and Understanding Their Purpose In Education The  purpose of assessment is to monitor student  learning, improve academic programs, and enhance teaching and learning. One of the key functions of schools and educational institutes is to import learning and knowledge. Assessments represent an important aspect of measuring […]

ICT In Higher Education

Understanding The Role Of ICT In Higher Education ICT – Information and Communications Technology has the proven power to change the world. This acronym  refers to the merging of audiovisual and telephone networks with the computer single unified system of cabling. Thus, ICT includes any communication device – including radio, television, cell phones, computer and […]

E-learning reform the traditional education system

How can e-learning reform the traditional education system? E-learning is revolutionizing the traditional educational eco-system  What is traditional learning?  Traditional learning refers to any form of instruction that utilizes classic paper and pencil methods in a regular classroom setting. In short, traditional refers to any kind of learning that involves methods that are typically implemented […]

Types of Timetable

Types of Timetable & How to manage them Effectively with School ERP? All of us know what is the timetable and how it is useful. When we were kids going to school, we used to refer to the daily and weekly timetables to plan our studies. The timetables also helped us in figuring out which […]

Smart Education V/S Traditional Education System

Smart Education V/S Traditional Education System – Which Is Better? A Greek philosopher once said the truest words when he revealed his wisdom through the adage – “The Only Constant in Life Is Change”. This is especially true in the digital world as we grow and evolve in various ways. Technology has the power to […]

What is Smart School?

What is Smart School? A smart school is – as its name suggests – different from a traditional school. This is a kind of school where advanced equipment and technology are used to take the educational process forward. The main idea is to provide the students with a learning experience that is a lot better than what […]

Successful Virtual Learning

How to create a successful virtual learning experience by Kimberley Tierney Great teachers can succeed in a virtual learning environment just like they do in the traditional classroom — whether they believe that at first or not. “There’s no magic to virtual learning,” says Mark Shapiro, president of the Bureau of Internet Accessibility, which helps education platforms […]