Zoom live class module uses https://zoom.us meetings service to create live classes for students and live meetings for staff members. In this module teacher or authorized person can create live classes for students based on timetable period and further students can join this class from student panel. Any authorized staff can create staff meetings and concerning staff can join this meetings. To use this module user must have installed zoom app in their device. In Smart School Zoom Live Class module only creates Classes and Meetings using zoom api and users can start or join these classes or meetings further all processing and management done by https://zoom.us . Using Zoom Live Classes module it is recommended to use zoom paid account to run multiple classes/meetings simultaneously. Although you can also use free account but in this case you can run only single class/meeting at once so for every teacher or staff should enter their own zoom api key to use free account. Otherwise add zoom paid account api key as global key in zoom setting page.

Zoom Live Class Module Workflow: First we will add zoom account api credentials in setting page, then we will create zoom live class or meeting then we can start live class or meeting then student can join live class or staff can  join meeting further we can check join report for live class or meeting.

Note: Zoom Live Class is Smart School addon so to use it you should purchase separately and install it in your Smart School.

Zoom Live Class