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You may ask what is Dot com Smart School system, what it can add to us?
Here is our answer:

School Management System is a multipurpose school management software which is used for all administration, management and learning related activities.
You can use our Smart School Management  System  to manage all your needs in your establishment, as for managing students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently.
Dot Com Smart School Management  System  delivers premier online fee payment, registration and data management tools for schools, administrators, finance personnel and students.
It’s simple, web-based technologies help improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with managing school registration, budgeting, fund accounting, fundraising, after-school care, and more.
Dot Com Smart School Management  System is an Online school management solution, streamlines school registration with automatic back-office administration, campus recreation and intra murals, facilities, student data, school accounting, web site content management and enables educational institutions to focus on teaching and enriching the lives of students.


  1. User friendly Interface

  2. School Detail Management

  3. Registration /Admission Management

  4. Fee Category Management

  5. Student Fee Management (Fee Detail, Fee Receipt etc.)

  6. Student Administration

  7. Class/div Management

  8. ID Cards Printing

  9. Student Information Management

  10. Leave & Attendance Management

  11. Advance Search for Student Information

  12. Lesson Planning

  13. Time Table

  14. Examination & Evaluation Process

  15. Online Exam

  16. SMS Alerts to Students

  17. Transfer Certificate Management

  18. Reports Management (Daily Collection, Fee Outstanding, Scroll Sheet etc.)

  19. Transport Management

  20. Transport Fee Collection Management

  21. Visitor Management

  22. Compliant Management

  23. Employee Registration Management

  24. Employee Attendance Management

  25. Holiday Management

  26. Salary Structure Management

  27. Employee Salary Management

  28. Employee Attendance and Salary Reports

  29. Secure and Reliable

  30. Many more Feature Available..

  31. & More coming soon

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