G Suite pricing including Google Meet

G Suite pricing starts as low as $6 per user per month for Basic and allows for up to 100 people to join a meeting. The number goes up to 150 for the Business plan which costs you $12 per user per month and $25 per user per month for the Enterprise subscription.

G Suite’s Enterprise license lets you invite up to 250 participants to your video meeting and allows for video meeting recording and live streaming for up to 100.000 people – these advanced functionalities are now temporarily available to all G Suite customers until September 30th.

Business & Enterprise licenses also give you unlimited Cloud storage space, which is helpful when recording and saving your video chats for later. For a more thorough comparison between all G Suite licenses, also check out this blog article.

Comparison G Suite

Keep in mind that you don’t need to pay a monthly fee for every participant that wants to join a meeting or webinar. People can join for free, it’s only the host of the meeting, the one who sets up a meeting, that has to pay a monthly G Suite subscription.