Our Content management systems:

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that aims to simplify the process of creating, publishing and managing the contents of a website.

This makes it possible for anyone in your school/ coolege/center or company to renew the contents of the web in a very easy and simple way. In addition, they make it extremely easy to upload and download text, image or video files.

In Dot Com Egypt we offer you the possibility of installing Content Management Systems for your establishement or directly in your web site or intranet, which will allow you to update the contents of your website without the help of any technician and without the need to know any type of computer language.

We will provide a platform to which you will access through an authenticated access where you will find a very simple and intuitive menu of options through which you can change the contents of your website in a matter of seconds.

There are different types of CMS. Some are tailored to be much more flexible and scalable and others are prefabricated applications being much more rigid and allowing few variations in its structure, although its installation and commissioning is usually much simpler and cheaper.

Add new content.

Edit contents.

Delete old content.

Keep your sections.

Upload files to the server.

The system can be maintained by several people who can access the system independently.

Internal search engine.


E-Learning is one of the words that we use the most to facilitate the school eLearning   through the Internet needs. Even so, it is known that there are different meanings and definitions for this concept, and above all different ways of putting it into practice but it always offers us:

Maximum flexibility
A rhythm of learning adapted to each person.
Knowledge about the quality of the contents.
Greater number of learning resources.
Economy of learning time.
Information about the user’s learning experience.
Standard and Technology

Our CMS are more reliable: as their  protocol was developed more recently, they are less susceptible to errors.

Our CMS offer more tracking options: one of the main advantages of Our CMS is the breadth and depth of learning experiences
Our CMS deliver richer data: it can track data that is richer and more compliant than SCORM.

CMS by Dot Com Egypt: A super easy elearning CMS
that covers all your eLearning center/ School/ College/ training needs

Build online courses in minutes and start today with an intuitive, affordable SMS/ LMS

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