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    • Student Data
    • Teacher Data
    • Class Timetable
    • Weekly Plan
    • Assignments
      • School Library
      • Full Financial Module
      • Payment Gateway
      • Attendence
      • Payroll
      • Bus Tracking
        • Premuim Support
        • Online Training
        • On-side Training
        • Virtual Classroom
        • Video Confernce
        • Online Store


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        Core of Smart School Services

        • Teachers Benefits

          Administrators, teachers, and parents all have to work together to create and maintain a healthy, productive learning environment for students. Good communication skills are a crucial part of creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

        • Students Benefits

          A smart school enables teachers to share knowledge in a more interesting and easy to digest manner for the students with digital technology. In such a school, the teachers have access to share the lessons using many mediums such as videos, presentations, audios and many other formats of visuals. It provides the opportunity for the teachers to update their lessons as the years pass by with the new information emerging in creative ways to help students received up to date knowledge.

        • Parents Benefits

          Smart School Apps  allow parents to recognize and utilize the key areas of learning and work with the school to provide children with the essentials they need for good online learning.

        • Staff Benefits

          1. Student Administration
          2. Class/div Management
          3. ID Cards Printing
          4. Student Information Management
          5. Leave & Attendance Management
          6. Advance Search for Student Information
          7. Lesson Planning
          8. Time Table
          9. Examination & Evaluation Process
          10. Online Exam
          11. SMS Alerts to Students
          12. Transfer Certificate Management
        • Management Benefits

          1. Reports Management (Daily Collection, Fee Outstanding, Scroll Sheet etc.)
          2. Transport Management
          3. Transport Fee Collection Management
          4. Visitor Management
          5. Compliant Management
          6. Employee Registration Management
          7. Employee Attendance Management
          8. Holiday Management
          9. Salary Structure Management
          10. Employee Salary Management
          11. Employee Attendance and Salary Reports
          12. Secure and Reliable

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