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Interesting Features of My School

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Seven Type of User Module

Seven account types of unlimited users can collaborate on one platform. Makes school maintenance easier and more precise through SuperAdmin, Admin, Teacher, Student, Parent, Accountant, Librarian user panels.

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Data Security using Permissions

Ensures data security at each user Panel. Access Permission to all user data can be controlled from the Super Admin and Admin panel. In case of any defaulter among the staff or others, immediate actions can be taken to save information leak.

Customisable system

The whole system can be customised according to the user’s need. System Language can also be customised. Also, the Source Code of the whole system is open so that any school can customise it accordingly if needed.

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Easy to use

Very comfortable and easy interface that anybody can start using within minutes of their first log in to the system. The informative dashboard and explicit navigation keys are quite enough to roam and operate all the features of the whole system.

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Student Admission

Student admission system offers an unlimited number of student data entries which includes bulk data entry. Also there is an excel file upload system that makes student data entry a minutes job. All the student information can be edited or deleted as per requirement.

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Teacher Management

Unlimited number of teacher’s information can be added and updated anytime. Teachers can take attendance, handle syllabus, routine, exams, making, grading etc. Also Teacher’s permission to student data, class materials can be controlled from both the admin panels.

Parents Monitoring

Parents can monitor their children’s class routine, syllabus, marks, grade, result, teacher’s comment etc. Permissions to which student’s data will be available to which parent can also be controlled. Parents can also check on fees payment status and make payment online.

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Online Fees Collection

The school authority can create a fee invoice and share it with students and parents. Both students and parents can check their status of fees and can make online payments to unpaid fees through digital platforms. The school staff can keep a track of all fees status all the time.

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Student Result Publishing

Results of the exams can be shared online with the respected viewers. Marks, grade, teachers comments and also student’s promotion to upper class can be managed by the authority.

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Bulk Data Entry System

Data entry becomes time efficient through a bulk data entry system that facilitates unlimited number of information addition within a single click. Entering student information, generating different fees structure becomes easier for this facility.

Printable Attendance and Invoice

In case of any official need, attendance sheets and fees invoices can be printed any time. School activities get more practical and well organised through the resourceful services of the system.

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News and Notice Sharing

Any important news or notice can be shared by the school authority over the system which will be updated in real time and will be available at all users’ dashboard.

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Class Routine and Syllabus Generating

Class routine and syllabus can be generated and changed by school. Students can track the routine and can also download the syllabus for their future needs.

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Class promoting

After completion of the final test all the student’s result status of class promotion can be updated accordingly.

Expense management

School authority can include their expenses for different purposes. The recent school expenses can also be shared with school personnel on dashboard.

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Library Management

Information of unlimited numbers of books can be added, upgraded through this process. Also the book issue and return by the student is included in the system.

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Accounts Management

School’s accounts can be managed by generating different expense lists. Also all the types of fees collection for the school fund can be tracked over online through the accounts section.

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