Private Office: that can exclusively host your team:

Have your own private office to share with a small team and build your own business culture.

If you have a bigger team that needs more than one office, yet you want to enjoy the collaborative environment and the facilities we provide, you can have a private section comprising more than one room.


You save up on thousands of pounds worth of furnishing and maintaining an office, with this efficient business solution.

PRIVATE SPACE package offer comfortable private offices which range in accommodation from singles to 6 members .

Also You will get the following basic bundle of services with almost all our packages:

The Amenities

- A business address.

- calls and welcome your visitors.

- An Indoor sign, if need.

- Complementary hot drinks.

- 50% discount on our meeting rooms and other services.

- Administration services: We will receive and send your mail, answer your

Private Office (1-2 Person) 1300 LE Pounds /Month
Private Office (1-2 Person)/ 3 monthes 3000 LE Pounds /3 Month
Private Office (3-4 Person) 2200 LE Pounds /Month
Private Office (3-4 Person)/ 3 monthes 5400 LE Pounds /3 Month
Private Office (4-5 Person) 3000 LE Pounds /Month
Private Office (4-5 Person)/ 3 monthes 7500 LE Pounds /3 Month
Memberships for Teams of 6+ 3500 LE Pounds /Month
Private Office Memberships for Teams of 6+/ 3 monthes 8500 LE Pounds /3 Month



Fill out the form and an DotCoWorker staff member will be in touch shortly regarding availability and to finalize the reservation. The fastest way to reserve a room is to call us during business hours and we can take your reservation over the phone. Thanks