The DotCoWorking offices which give pleasure to work .

Coworking, in its essence, is independent and encourages networking. But how connected are coworking spaces to each other? How do they actually relate to an association that focuses on combining forces?
DotCoWorking spaces offer memberships to our clients as a chance to be a part of a community without losing their independence. We want to encourage everyone to check out as many of our member spaces as possible so that new coworkers can find the right place (or places!) for them. Each collaborative space community is unique and we want to be sure you get a chance to experience them all.
Our Services based on 2 axes: communities to collaborate & Offices to work


Why DotCoWorking community?

Our values & Code of Conduct as community:
We have talent. We just have to work together.
Different environments need to overlap, connect, and interact
in order to transform our culture.
In order to create a sustainable community based on trust, we value:
- Cooperation more than competition
- the community more than the agenda
- participation more than observation
- Making more than spoken
- Friendship more than form
- The audave more than the insurance
- Learning more than expertise
- People more than personalities
- the value of the ecosystem more than the value of the chain

This new economy can not emerge without engaging large enterprises, creatives, entrepreneurs, governments and
technical communities all together.

The future
We believe innovation leads to innovation. We will transform global culture into a spirit of entrepreneurship,
risk taking, pioneering in unknown territories like the grnads leaders of our time. This requires education,
and a large network of creative space.

We are rebuilding the economy and society through social and innovative entrepreneurship. Our communities are regrouping to rebuild a
a more human, networked and sustainable economy to build a better world.

We are the world coworking movement!

The 5 Coworking Values

A certain consensus has gradually been drawn around the values ​​specific to coworking1- Sustainability: "Coworking means pooling resources and limiting business trips, but it is above all building over time, that is, making sure that we do not depend on external resources in order to maintain ourselves, grow and prosper ".
2- Community: "To create a coworking space is to bring together a community to offer it a space that resembles it and allows it to live and grow according to its expectations, needs and values".
3- Cooperation: "Coworker means working together, learning from others and teaching others for the benefit of everyone."
4- Opening: "Coworkers come together to share their experiences, ideas, values ​​and thus to progress together and enrich each other".
5- Accessibility: "Work when you want, where you want, with whom you want.

Why DotCoWorkers

A new way of working and living at the same time.
Whether for a day, a week, a month, or a year, joining Talent up you will be excited to be alive because life is better when we are part of something bigger than ourselves .

DotCoWorkers is a new way to LIVE AND WORK in a Community, flexibility, and a fundamental belief that we are only as good as the people with whom we surround ourselves. DotCoWorkers challenges the traditional apartment living by physical spaces that maintain meaningful relationships. We do not just offer a real home for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe it is important to help each member of our community move forward. We are evolving rapidly, which is a real challenge for all of us. However, we take care of one another and attach great importance to our culture.

How to become a good coworker ??

More than offering a generally friendly work space and conducive to professional fulfillment, coworking spaces also make it possible to socialize with other entrepreneurs from all walks of life. So to make contacts and develop why not the synergies leading ultimately to do business. Coworking recreates the ecosystem of a company, unlike hosting independent professionals in many industries.

Why Coworking?

Coz Coworking spaces are a sustainable and clearly identified solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to build a network and collaborate with like-minded people.